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Easy Steps in selecting your Dream house design.


1. Ensuring that your land or lot is approved by your statutory authorities e.g. Town and Country Planning (TCP).This can simply be found out by visiting TCP, they can indicate to you whether or not your land is approved and if not what steps are needed to approve it.


2. After your land approval by TCP, then the next step is assembling your ideas of your home design. This can be done by “Googling” such term like “Best modern house designs” or “Best contemporary house design” or “Best cottage house design” or anything of that nature. This can lead you to numerous websites and blogs that contain great designs. Note normally the top five Google search results are the best. Note, have your important folks involved. At this point, you are flooded with designs, my suggestion you collect your top 20 then eliminate down to your top 10.  Note why you are eliminating them, list the reasons for each. This would make communicating your ideas with your design professional easier.


3. A compilation of your idea portfolio, at this point you can put together your ideas and you can successfully pin point the features you like and make notes for your meeting with your design professional. Remember this is a FULL COLLABORATIVE PROCESS with your family.


4. The next step is selecting a Design professional. This is a complicated process; hence, I will be doing another article to assist readers.

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