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Selecting the best designer to design your dream home


This article is to help potential homeowners and clients in their choice of a Designer for your home. Article ” Easy Steps in selecting your Dream house design ”  went through the steps of selecting of your dream home designs. This is an unorthodox method, but very, very effective. Clients’ underlying problem face in this process is not asking the “right questions.”


These are your common designers arranged from the less expensive to most expensive. (For more on these designers checks out this article “Top Building Designers” I have posted on them).

  1. Draftsmen
  2. Engineers
  3. Architect

I have complied this simple rating in the “ideal world.”

  1. Price (more to less)   3 -> 2 -> 1
  2. Creativity (most to least) 3 -> 2 -> 1
  3. Building code knowledge (most to least) 2 -> 3 -> 1

This may hold true in the ideal world, but in fact, they are very knowledgeable & creative draftsmen out there as well as highly creative engineers. So I addressed this issue with a simple question, just ask to see past jobs and or concepts they did.


  1. The architect MUST consult the Engineer 
  2.  The draftsmen MUST consult an Engineer (recommended)

So the most economical and safe choice will be the engineer. So how to address the creative issue? By simply knowing or have an idea of what you want, which I have addressed in this article “ Easy Steps in selecting your Dream house design

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The unorthodox key point is knowing what software the designers use for your design. This is extremely important, especially for complex designs. The most informed & influential clients internationally request specific  software for their project as a subtle form of quality control. I have addressed this issue with this article  “Best Design Software for Architects, Engineers & Designers.”


In summary the key questions are

1. What is your price? (After you presented your portfolio)
2. What building code/s do you use? 
3. What software do you use?
4. Ask to see recent project, especially TCP APPROVED projects.