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Reposted from the SynergisCAD Blog.  Originally posted by Jesse Evans, Synergis Solutions Engineer:

Here’s the important straight-forward facts about BIM (Building Information Modeling), Autodesk, and Synergis Engineering Design Solutions.

First, BIM is not only for Architects or designing buildings, BIM is a modeling concept, and it’s what our instructors teach at Synergis 365 days a year. Rearranging the acronym BIM, here’s my shortest explanation of the method.

Using Autodesk’s intelligent software packages and suites, create or BUILD a MODEL. From this intelligent MODEL, we can gather INFORMATION such as: reports, analysis, documentation, and many more. Furthermore, the capabilities of exchanging these 3D models between other software packages is priceless.

As anything in life, there’s a balance to power and knowledge, and the same holds true for engineering software. On one side of the scale sits the classic AutoCAD approach, and the other side sits the elite modeling BIM concept…

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