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Have a design plan in mind.

1. Open up walls separating the kitchen from other parts of the house.

This is great for Entertaining and spending time with loved ones while preparing meals.



2. Lighting.

Allow natural light to come through. This has many benefits: it makes a room inviting, gives the illusion that it is more spacious that it really is and it helps with your electricity bill.




3. Select a color theme.

Clean colors tend to make rooms appear larger.




4. Create an effective work triangle,

The effective work triangle comprising of the position of the sink, stove and refrigerator. These area has the most traffic and the correct placement allows for efficiency and a spacious design. The design can be made of three shapes (L-shaped kitchen, galley, U-shaped or Island style).

Photo Source: Freshome Design & Architecture

Link Source:  How to Choose a Kitchen Layout Based on the Fridge-Oven-Sink Work Triangle [Infographic]



5. Choose an efficient kitchen island.

Make an informed decision, take measurements. Ensure that your island does not overwhelm but compliments the room.



6. Storage

Built in cabinets and drawers are a great way to keep things tidy. They add a special high end feel to your kitchen.




7. Space

Save space with a single-bowl sink





8.   Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances

Energy efficient appliances are not only elegant but lowers energy costs making it efficient.



9. Use a a back-splash.

Back-splashes add style, color, texture and  personal touch to a kitchen. It also provides an easy-to-clean surface.




10. Declutter

Get rid of unused objects. Recycle. Return items to their place of belonging.