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Building or renovating your home should be an exciting time. It is an opportunity to show your sense of style. In other words, it is your informal ‘hello’ to the neighborhood. Whether daring or shy these few tricks will add curb appeal, style and voice to your home.


Here are a few tips and tricks to aid in picking the perfect color for your home that will suit the style of your home.

1. Before you start looking around the neighborhood you should have an idea what to look for.  There are four colors: the roof, the main surface area, the trim color and the colors of shutters and doors.


2. Start by looking around your neighborhood.  Most likely, your neighborhood already has an existing palette, you would not want your house to look audacious but at the same time, you should want it to look unique and special. Also by observing the homes of others, you would have the opportunity to see colors up close, look at placement of the various.  Select the ones you like and think are suitable for your home.


3. Your color selections should complement the color of the roof. In addition, look at the existing structures such as the chimney or even the driveway and determine the colors that will agree and enhance these pivotal structures.

The image below encompasses all the key elements; the use of brown tones throughout adds a sense of harmony but does not become boring because of the different textures. The white adds a splash of color as it highlights the beautiful windows.


4. Look at your surrounding landscape. To make your house blend with its environment earth tones are best. The landscaping is another important factor. Select colors that fit in with the surrounding palette.

California Bungalow

5. Whites and neutral are good safe options to paint your largest surfaces they make homes appear larger but the downfall is it makes your appear weak.


Darker colors on the other hand appear smaller but stronger.


6. Especially if your main surfaces are white, choose bold colors for doors and shutters. This is an easy way to make your doorway a focal point and make your home more inviting. Red and blue, are primary colors thus allowing these colors to blend with it others seamlessly.


7. For those who like colors lets discuss the smart way to select color your colors. Decide on one color that you think would bring out the beauty of your home. Then select one other color a few shades either lighter or darker than the original color. Ensure that the colors are not to close; that you cannot see the difference but it should not be to so different that it looks as though it does not belong. If that is not enough color, remember your doors can be painted in a primary color.


With the use of such bold colors, add some white to highlight the architectural points of your home.  So in short, you should have two colors to start, a few shades apart, which can act as your main color and trim. Then a white color for focal points, followed by a bold door.


8. Stick with light colors for your porch.


9. Select light colors for your  windowsills.


10. Lastly,  If you have a Historic architectural style home it is best to keep it in its classical colors. For instance Colonial Revival  should be painted to match its style.


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