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1. Clutter free yard. Clean all the around your home. The exterior of your home is your first impression, so lets make it a good one.



2. Have a clean pathway. Your pathway should take you straight from the driveway to the front door. Pathways are aesthetically pleasing as well as inviting.



3. Install borders along the driveway. This is an easy way to add extra style. There are several ways and materials you can use but that depends on your style. For more information look out for our article on the Different types Driveway Edging.

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4. Garage doors are often overlooked but an attractive one can add elegance to your home instead of taking away from it.




5. Highlight your mailbox, install a unique mailbox or repaint the one you currently have. These small upgrades can change the overall look and feel of your home and give it a modern feel.




6. Add a beautiful landscape or at least a few container plants. Add some greenery to your home, it will add color, help the environment, enhance the property value, screen light and noise and so much more.



7. Flower Beds are lovely but it also makes a statement; that these homeowners are caring and nurturing people. It must be noted that your flower bed does not need to be excessive, again that is another choice for home owners. I know most of you are reading and saying ‘I just do not have the time’, but there are a variety of flowers that you can use that are low maintenance such as Zinnias, Petunias, Begonias or even Impatiens which are very strong. Of course, the lists goes on…



8. Outdoor lighting truly shows off the beauty of your home. They can highlight key architectural features of your home, or your landscape. Outdoor lighting also adds safety to your home by providing light to pathways and deterring intruders. For much more information on lighting check out our other article: How To select the perfect light fixture




9. Consider adding a fabulous pergola. Select a beautiful vine or climbing plants to add greenery and shade. So lets Get down to brass tacks; the shaded area can act as another living space where you can entertain guests in the cool outdoors surrounded by nature. It also increases the property value.




10. An attractive staircase welcomes homeowners and guests and attracts on looking spectators with its grandeur. For more information on staircases check out our article on Different Types of Staircases




11. Grow climbing rose or flowering vines to your home. They can be grown on the sides of your or on the columns.



12. Paint colors can uplift the design of your home and tailored correctly highlight the architectural elements. For more information on paint colors check out our article: How To select the perfect color :how colors can affect your mood, feelings and emotions.



13. Potted plants on either side of the front adds symmetry and decor.



14. Add outdoor art, it does not have to be elaborate it can be a sculpture, plant, or landscape highlighted by accent lights.



15. A well designed porch small or large. Throw in some color, add weather-resistant throw pillows of different sizes for interest and plants. Buy furniture that can withstand the elements of the outdoors. Your porch furniture should add charm and compliment the rest of your home.



16. A new attractive door mat. After all of your hard work in creating the perfect home do not let your welcome mat say ‘unwanted’ with its rugged appearance. It does not have to be expensive but it needs to be in a suitable condition.




17. Install an Exquisite door.



18. Decorative windows. Even your windows should speak volumes about your creativity and style. Stand out by adding molding and making your home even more special.