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Driveway surfaces are important in that it uplifts the look of your home, making it looking expensive and well kept. Moreover, it also adds to your curb appeal, which we know starts from your driveway. For more information on how to add curb appeal check out our article: How to create curb appeal : Eye catching home design tricks. This blog describes the pros and cons of the different types of driveway surfaces. In doing this we hope to help homeowners make an informed decision.

Nyes-BA-1024x379 Starting with the basics. There are two basic driveway surface types:  smooth such as asphalt and aggregate such as  gravel. Onto the pros and cons of each driveway surface.


Concrete driveway surface.

Pros Concrete Driveways are affordable, long lasting, and appealing. There are also a wide range of options with this material. To change the appearance you can dye or stamp it to make it look more expensive.

Cons This material however can be affected by extremely cold weather. concrete-driveway


Brick driveway surface.

Pros Durable, aesthetically appealing, comes in a variety of colors, low maintenance.

Cons– Expensive to install brick driveway


Asphalt driveway surface.

Pros Easy to install compared to concrete. The black color retains heat which helps in melting snow.

Cons Asphalt comes only in black, so there is no color option.  High maintenance, has to be resealed every 3-5 years. asphalt-pavement-7e8e44b67d9744afbac30d8c233521bc

Gravel driveway surface.

Pros–   Inexpensive material, quick installation, comes in many colors and sizes, allows water to run off into the ground. 

ConsOngoing maintenance because gravel is a loose material it constantly shifts. To aid with the longevity consider layering or edging. This type of driveway is not practical for snowy regions. gravel-drive-belgian-block-edging-mid-atlantic-enterprise-inc_5014


Crushed stone driveway surface.

Pros Crushed stones come in a variety of colors. It forms a smoother surface than gravel. Easy maintenance.

Cons Snow-removal can be difficult.Judith_Fisher_Finished_Project_002.290132257_std


Pavers driveway surface.

Pros Pavers are made from concrete, brick, or natural stone. There are also permeable pavers. Pavers are a favored choice because of its appeal. 

Cons With each type of material comes a particular cost. Concrete pavers are the least expensive and has a variety of colors and sizes. Brick pavers are a viable option for those who want the look of elegance without paying the large sum of natural stone. Natural stone is  the most expensive. This type of driveway is an expensive investment that will add value to your home curb appeal.tremron-mega-olde-towne-harvest-blend-driveway-pavers



Basalt paver tiles driveway surface.

Pros Basalt is a durable and low maintenance.

Cons Requires careful installation and proper consultation to complement the design of ones home.347E3ACAFEBF806B5F98B2BD64587



Grass driveway surface.

Pros– Easily sustainable and Eco-friendly. Driveway-Grass-Wrigley



Cobblestone Driveway surface.

Pros– Cobblestone Driveways are durable, low maintenance and attractive. Cobblestone pavers are available in several colors.

Cons– Cobblestone pavers, which are also referred to as Belgian block pavers, are expensive. Cobblestone driveways are not smooth thus making it difficult to clear snow. Driveway-Pavers2



Tar and Chip Driveway Surface.

Pros– Tar and Chip Driveways are inexpensive and perfect for traction.

Cons– Needed maintenance Rolling_edge.230170849_std