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Driveway edges are beautiful borders that separate your driveway from your landscape. Edges serve a multitude of functions ranging from protection to decor. In this blog we will discuss the different types of driveway edges and how they may be used. stone-driveway-edging-cipriano-landscape-design_1334



Driveway edges can be either Raised or Flat.

Raised driveway edgings are prominent distinguished borders that extends beyond the height of your driveway. This type of border should be used especially when your driveway surface is loose; such as a gravel driveway to hold the material in place and keep it from shifting into your lawn or landscape. For more information on driveway surfaces and the pros and cons of each check out our article:  Different types of driveway surfaces.




Flat driveway edging can be delicately simple to the extraordinarily elaborate. To exaggerate your flat driveway you can add contrasting colors on your edging. Another option is to install two rows of edging to both sides of the driveway.




Considerations that should be made in choosing the perfect edging; the material of your driveway surface, landscape, design and color of the exterior of your home, durability and cost.



Different types of driveway edges include:

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Concrete curbs concrete-edging3


Railroad ties/Railway Sleepers

It must be noted that Railroad ties/Railway Sleepers is said to be carcinogenic, because it is treated with Creosote.



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