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Many people are fascinated with open concept house designs. This design is great for entertaining, being able to always communicate and see your family in other rooms. However, this concept may seem impractical for privacy lovers and out of reach for those who have already pre-existing doors. Safety is especially important when young children are involved. If you have young children, you would not want them to be able to run straight from the living room into the kitchen. There however is an easy stylish way to get the both safety and an open concept. This blog is focused on giving the best of both worlds, privacy when needed and an open concept for entertaining.

Below shows a open concept design great for entertaining but also a dangerous playground for your children.

open concept



The image below shows a combination sliding door, this is a perfect way to save space, still have privacy, seal off a room from children or open them to get a open concept feel. This type of door is stylish and comes in a variety of materials and designs to suit your homes interior.




Translucent sliding doors add light, space and depending on the craft can become a beautiful focal art piece in your home.




Pivot Doors has many benefits it adds elegance, it gives the appearance of a bigger space, and it allows for an unobstructed pathway giving you a semi open concept. The pivot door comes a variety of styles, frosted glass or even stained.




Accordion doors have long panels connected by a flexible strip allowing it to fold neatly to the side. This is a great way to save space and the option to convert your room to an open or closed area.




Bi-fold door usually used as external doors. They are perfect for the patio or garden connecting the outdoor and indoor living spaces.  

Objekt Winchester



Pocket Doors  are perfect space saving doors and one of the most aesthetically pleasing. When open it is beautifully tucked away within the wall. It is said that a pocket door adds an average of ten square feet of floor space.