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We’re sorry for taking a while to post, hope you all are having a fantastic week do comment and let us know how you all are feeling and what topics you would like us to discuss. Today it is all about the wonderful world of bathroom design. In this article we will discuss the different types of bathroom designs and its contents to help differentiate one from the other.


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1. Master Bathroom

These grand bathrooms are luxurious and spa like, offering several hours of peace and relaxation. Master Bathrooms are generally adjoined to master bedrooms. Master bathrooms include: double vanities with sinks and mirror, tub, sauna or steam shower, closets, dressing room, extra storage, and a semi private toilet. Of course depending on your budget you can add a fireplace, TV the list goes on.


2.  Full Bathroom

This type of bathroom is one of the most popular among homeowners. Full bathrooms are generally used amongst the whole family making it high traffic areas. To create the most efficient bathroom layout discuss with your designer (engineer or architect) your wishes, wants and needs to make the space efficient and lovable. Of course, be prepared to answer a few questions to ensure that the design suits the needs of the family. These questions are very basic for example: how many people may use the area? Proper design and planning will utilize your budget allowing you, the homeowner to receive the best design for efficiency and aesthetics. Full bathrooms include a tub, shower, sink, mirror, toilet and storage.


 3. Three-Quarter bathroom

A three-quarter bath has: a toilet, vanity or sink and shower and storage.


4. Powder Room also known as a Half bath

A powder room contains the following: a small vanity or sink, mirror and toilet. Powder rooms are great for entertaining homes and can serve as a guest bathroom. It can is also great for large families who are in need of extra facilities. Powder rooms also add to the value of your home, so a beautiful designed one can do wonders.


5. A room for shower only.

This is a separate room just for the shower. This room may have a sink also.


6. Bathroom with laundry facilities

In some countries where the living spaces are small they combine their washing area with their bathrooms.