Large spaces without dividing walls can be quite attractive but defining spaces can become a bother.  In today’s blog, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of sunken rooms and give some tips and tricks to make it efficient and everlasting. 



Sunken rooms define areas without the use of walls.


Sunken rooms also known as “conversation pits” are great cozy areas for conversing with friends and family.


The height difference in flooring adds interests. 


The size and openness makes it inviting.


Sunken rooms can be designed for indoors as well as the outdoors.



A sunken room requires a large space for comfortable seating. 


Furniture pieces are most likely built in to maximize space but that means you cannot change around your furniture to change the look. 


Sunken rooms can be costly.


Considerations (Topics to discuss with your designer)



This is important in the utilization of space.



Size means cost therefore consider how much your willing to spend. Space necessary to suit your seating needs.



This should be your  personal preference. Moreover, considerations such as traffic, age and style should be planned for.



Always plan for the future, think ahead. These impressive stairs can become a nightmare later on.



Hand rails.

This is a good idea for safety.




Questions to ask yourself:

Is it accessible?       Is the materials used durable?      Lastly, is it efficient?



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