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In designing an office space people rarely think of ‘Communication‘, when we say communication we do not mean verbally, ‘what you say’ but the non-verbal. Imagine walking into your office, what is your first impression? What does your office say about who you are? In short, your office is a quick representation of the company you represent, its culture, values, personalities, and style. In building, your brand all forms of communication are fundamental for the success of any business.



When designing think of these few questions:

What do you what your office design to relay to perspective clients, visitors, employees or associates?

How do you incorporate your mission and values as a company into the design?

What type of atmosphere do you really desire and how will it be perceived?

When you enter a work place what do you look at?

[Below are a few examples of what customers and others may look at.] 




Your atmosphere should breathe inspiration. It should be a place where creativity is born, captured and translated.


A well-thought out layout and design is crucial to the running of a successful business. An open concept design gives a feeling of openness, but more so, it allows collaboration to take place. High wall separations can make your office appear segregated and cold.




Your office should be a place of social interaction; this permits an exchange of ideas and keeps the work environment exciting. Constant exchange of information allows the employees to become more invested and contented.




Offices of different sizes can make employees feel unappreciated. To boost employee morale keep work space open, clutter free and of equal sizes.




Your office should embody your interests, mission and values. For instance, are you a green company? If so, then it is best to represent that.




Here is the perfect opportunity to show others your unique style.