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Here are a few ideas to spice up your bathroom.

1. Paint is one of the most important design element to any room. A fresh coat of paint can transform a dull room to an elegant luxurious room that you can feel proud of.

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2. If your like many and your bored of plain walls try adding some texture to the walls. Your designer can help you create the perfect area that looks customized, efficient and stylish.



3. Extreme texture, again it is your personal style.



4. Choose a theme.  Pick one theme that compliments the design of the room.



5. Add some beautiful trimmings.



6. Lighting is a fundamental part to any bathroom however there are different types of lighting for particular areas so please note.

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7. A really inexpensive way to add some decor is to add photographs. In this picture examine how the picture frame compliments the other wood designs.




8. Storage. In buying, selling or building your home storage is a main factor.  Ensure that your designer utilizes your space properly and beautifully.



9. Mirror. This piece is again a simple way to decorate and save money. It does not have to be elaborate but it should be trendy.




10. Vanity counters give an air of sophistication and are a favorite of most. This however depends on your budget and style.




11. Simple touches make the world of difference. Try adding a small vase, it brightens and softens the area.



12. A beautiful Soap Dispenser or Dish that compliments the decor.



13. Install a unique bathroom sink. What a signature piece!

TechEBlog » Unique Bathroom Sink



14. If your a gadget lover then explore and find the perfect bathroom faucet for your home.



15. For a bolder piece add a large potted plant.




16. A Chic Bathroom Shower adds comfort and style.



17. Add a complimentary Bathroom Tub or if in need to save space and money another option is the shower tub combination.



18. For those cold days install a heated towel rack. This is really a luxury item but worth mentioning.



19. Add a unique table.

Modern bathroom designs. (1)



20. Bathroom rugs are beautiful and embrace the colors of the room. Yet again this is an inexpensive way to decorate and add comfort.




21. Heated floors are wonderful but depends on your budget.

Coon bathroom 001 - Copy-resized-600



22. Add a hidden wastebasket



23. Add a statement piece.



24. Do not over design.