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At our firm we always emphasize planning, planning should be at the core of every decision you make. Today we are going to share some of our fundamental residential planning checklist with you that you should always consider before building. Having a checklist is an important aid to safeguard yourself mentally and financially against building problems, obstacles, continuous changes along the way at a guaranteed fee and an unwanted outcome. Our checklist ensures that you do not break the bank and your end result is what you desired. For further readings check out our article:  Easy Steps in selecting your Dream house design.



There are a few steps to consider in planning your home, take your time and think on each well.

  • Site

Acknowledge the shape of your property. Discuss with your designer the specifics of your land; the size of your building area, the slopes and contours of the land and so forth.


  • Occupants

In designing your home remember to always include the individuals who will be living there in the decision making processes.  The design should take into account the number and ages of people occupying the home.


  • General Design

The general design is quite simple just think of these few questions:

1. Do you want a flat or a two story home?

2. What type of roof design do you fancy and will it enhance the look of your home?  Different types of roofs

3.Outdoor Stair Designs? Magnificent Outdoor Stair Designs.

4.  Carport or Garage?  Carport vs Garage

5. Stairway design and placement? Different Types of Staircases

6. Have you thought about utilizing the space under your stairs? If not think about it! For great examples read, How to utilize the space under your stairs.

7. What type of ceiling do you like? Types of Ceilings

8. Do you plan to entertain outdoors? Trellis, Arbor or Pergola ? That is the question.

9. What color/colors to paint the exterior of your home to show its architectural structures? How to choose the perfect paint color for the exterior of your home.

10. What are the best colors to paint the inside of your home? How To select the perfect color :how colors can affect your mood, feelings and emotions.

11. Do you want an open concept but still have privacy? How to achieve an open concept design, save space and still have privacy.

12. Do you want a sunken room? Sunken Rooms: advantages and disadvantages.

13. Do you want a attic and if so what will it be used for. Knowing the use before hand allows for better design decisions. How to make the best out of your Attic: Attic design Ideas

14. What architectural details would you like? How to add architectural details to your home

15. How do you plan to create an efficient kitchen? How To make your kitchen Elegant and Efficient

16. Where are your outlets being placed and what type of lighting do you need? How To select the perfect light fixture

17. What type of closet do I need? How to achieve the perfect closet layout

18. What type of doors accompany the design of your home? How to achieve an open concept design, save space and still have privacy.

19. What type of driveway edging do you want? Different types of Driveway Edging.

20. What type of driveway surface do you want? Different types of driveway surfaces.

21. How many bathrooms do you need and what type? Different types of bathrooms

22. How do you plan to add interest to your bathroom?  How to spice up your bathroom

23. How to design a soothing bathroom.


24. Budget Restrictions.

Set a maximum budget that you are willing to spend to design and build your home. Here are some key point to consider:

a. What type of designer do I need?  How To Select the best designer to design your dream home

b. What is your estimated construction cost?

c.  For each stage of construction how much you are paying.