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Reinventing the way we view the pyramid structure! That is exactly what Juan Carlos Ramos did when he entered an architectural competition that was based on the geometrical shape of the pyramid. Ramos created a new modern, futuristic feel to an ancient design with its contrasting materials and dynamic spaces.

Pyramid House Juan Carlos Ramos- exterior

Pyramid House Juan Carlos Ramos- exterior


To avoid designing a dull structure Ramos strategically placed cut out windows of different sizes at varying points of the building to break up the static look of the geometry. Offset windows allow passive ventilation to take place throughout the home. It works quite simply actually, if windows are placed opposite each other the wind enters one side and exits the other through a straight line. If, the windows are offset however, the wind entering is given the opportunity to circulate throughout the home as it searches for its next escape. Additionally, another benefit is increase day-lighting.

Pyramid House Juan Carlos Ramos- large window p

Pyramid House Juan Carlos Ramos- large window.


The interior is divided into 12 areas. Dispersed at various levels of the pyramid are; the kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom, sunken living and dining space, library, garage, recording studio and a stunning spiral staircase and last but certainly not least the cantilevered balcony.






As a bonus for those of us who were wondering what software was used, it was actually three, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Itoo.



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