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This is a continuation from the first part, so make sure and check out Home Office Must Haves (part 1)

12. Headphones.

Headphone use in an office space is quite the debate but the decision is yours. In our office we limit our headphone use, the reason is to maintain and open, free, collaborative  team environment. Headphones increases employee isolation and decreases conversation growth. Moreover, headphones can be distracting and focus is lost however forsome individuals music gives a calming effect and motivation and production increases.

The links provided give a detailed look into the research for those who are certainly curious. I must say it is worth reading!

The Power of Music, Tapped in a Cubicle By AMISHA PADNANI

Listening to music at work — dos and don’ts By Anthony Balderrama





12. Calculator.

A must have! It is useful and efficient to keep one around. The brand and type you get depends on your use. For daily difficult tasks you may need more features, versus someone who may use the calculator for easy, once in a while jobs (once every two weeks).



13. Photos.

Your office space says a lot about you, your environment, community, values, personality and much more. Your office should represent “YOU”. In a group space it should represent the “GROUP/TEAM”. Place pictures of your team members this demonstrates to others the pride and unity of your workforce and it solidifies bonds between the employees. Looking around your office should represent your accomplishments that are significant to you. In your cubicle even a small photo of loved ones may make the day easier. So, personalize your office with a few photos, choose wisely, make a statement and most of all show your creativity.

For more information visit our link: Building a Brand: What your office should say about you.



14. Bookshelves.

Bookshelves are great for keeping your books neat and organized and they encourage others to read by having it in the office. Remember, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”                                                                                      ― Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!


15. File storage.

Documents, the endless piles that are forever growing like vines climbing their way to the sky. Maintaining an organized system can be a great task so before it becomes wild find an efficient system. Whether it is alphabetical or color coded shared documents should be easily located. 

The video below shows a great option but it is a personal choice.



16. Paper Shredders.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates, about nine million Americans have their identities stolen every year. It is important to protect your clients and your personal private information.


17. Surge protection.

Technological equipment is a must for any office and it is expensive especially when now starting a business. To save yourself heartbreak, money and time consider purchasing a surge protection unit; think of it as a small investment towards the growth and continuance of your business.


18. Printer.

Owning your own printer saves you time of driving to and from the store. It also saves you the stress of hustling and the fear of forgetting something important. More so, it saves you money! Before you purchase do the Maths: How many times do you print ? What is the cost of each print? What about the cost of travel? Do an estimate for a week , month and year. Then research a printer that suits your needs, Find the cost, also the cost of ink and pages. Then do the math for your personal printing. In the end, for a constant printer you would find that the cost of your personal prints is several dollars below what you were paying.



19. Wastebasket.

This is an important item to have to keep the surroundings clean. Try however, to be more green and use less paper, it will save you the work of crushing the dry sheets together forming some unwanted art-piece that is later tossed wasting time and paper.


20. White board.

The varieties are endless, go wild! White boards are fundamental to any establishment. It is great for collaborating, reflecting, revising and editing. White boards are also essential for individuals who achieve more through visual learning. For further information research the different theories a good starting point is  David Kolb’s model. NOTE, IT ALSO SAVES PAPER!



21. Plants.

Plants can boost your decor what about productivity?  Research by the University of Exeter “has revealed  that office plants can help staff be more creative and productive, which could ultimately result in promotion.” For further reading into this article click the following link:  Want a promotion? Get a desk plant By Sarah Griffiths





22. Cool/ relaxing area.

Work should not feel like work. It must be a place of joy, a place you’re happy to go to every morning. You know the saying a “happy wife, happy life”, the same is true for work, “happy employees, happy life”. Seriously though, a relaxed area brings people together and maintains a unified creative environment.