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This simple blog will show you the different options for designing a mudroom that is perfect for your home. We will go through a step-by-step process by defining a mudroom for those who aren’t sure exactly what it is and its uses. The article will also discuss the benefits of mudrooms and the different considerations needed in creating a mudroom that works for your lifestyle and family.


A mudroom is a room generally at the entrance of a house used for storing away articles of clothing, footwear, bags and other daily used items upon entering the house. Mudrooms are essential for keeping the main areas of the house tidy and clean. Rather than tramping mud, dirt, or snow through the house, individuals are expected to leave their soiled belongings at the entrance.



Considerations in designing a mud room.

The main question you should ask yourself before designing a mudroom should be, who would be using this area?

Is it an area only for guests?    Is it a shared area?  How many people are expected to use this area at the same time?

Is this your Primary entrance or Secondary entrance for family members only?



Tip!  If the mudroom is going to be your primary entrance, it should be welcoming and pleasing to the eye at all times. Surprise guests or family members should walk through the area and get excited about entering your home. This may seem like a demanding, time-consuming challenge, but with proper planning and adherence to the considerations it will be one of your favorite places.

A well-planned mudroom allows you to place each item in its correct location effortlessly, so there is no need for you to look for an empty hook or hanger. Moreover, it allows you to save time because there is no “double action” of picking up clothing left on chairs or cleaning footprints dragged throughout your home. With proper planning, there is no more hurry in the morning looking for bags and coats as you hurry to work. Instead, it is a simple “grab and go”.


What do you plan to store?



Must have items include:

Coat rack, baskets, built-in cubbies, shelves, open locker,  hooks, shoe storage below and a bench.



  • Organized designated area for each individual, including an area for guests.



  • Open or closed storage area?



  • Utilize the space by going vertical.




  • The flooring of mudrooms should be made of easy to clean materials like linoleum, tile, or concrete.



  • Consider placing a noticeboard.



  •  A bench to sit and remove shoes and vice versa.



  • Add some throw pillow for texture.



  • Decorate with a rug.



  • Add some greenery.



  •  Lighting natural and artificial.



  • A utility sink. Fantastic for washing your hands before entering the home from gardening, or any other activity.



  • Laundry Machine. If space permits put in a laundry. This is another simple way to save time and keep your interiors clean without extending your gardening and hobbies further inside your home.



  • Last but certainly not least, remember that this room is part of the holistic appearance of your home so it should match the rest of the home. Do not be afraid to add other elements but it should correlate with the other areas.

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