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Daniel Evan White described, as “a leader of innovative house designs” is most popular for designing sophisticated, modernist homes on some of Metro Vancouver’s most rugged terrain. The Taylor Residence by Daniel White embodies his sensibilities in creating homes that become one with its surroundings. His designs are the result response of his awareness to the needs of his clients and the capabilities of proper planning and designing. As stated by the co-curator Greg Johnson, “Dan’s work not so much fits its site as becomes one with it. His clever architectural innovations allowed his buildings to match their dramatic West Coast sites.”  


The Taylor Residence by Daniel Evan White


This short video gives a closer look at Daniel Evan White and his projects.


The Taylor Residence by Daniel Evan White


According to Museum of Vancouver: 

“It is its daring relationship to a dramatic, difficult site that makes the Taylor residence exceptional.

Not does the lot consists of steep a steep river gully, but the gully leads over a cliff to the ocean below. However, rather than default to the most level, build-able portion of the site, or regrade the landscape to make it more amenable to typical construction, the house is located at the most precipitous point of the site: at the very point where the gully plunges over a cliff: a house in mid air.

 Designed for a bridge-engineer/musician couple the house consists of an immense, inhabitable bridge, anchored to the rocks and spanning the gully. This not only permits the small river to flow beneath but frames the natural course of the runoff as it plummets down to the ocean. This bridge condition creates the deceptive scale of the residence: long in one dimension, incredibly narrow in the other; humble from the road above and almost monumental from the water below.” 

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Topographical ‘Taylor Residence’ model. ( photo by Laura Taylor)

Topographical ‘Taylor Residence’ model. ( photo by Laura Taylor)


A few images of the The Taylor Residence by Daniel Evan White.




The video describes the awakening of the design and response from the clients. Listen to this tremendous process, it is truly remarkable!

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