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Today we are going to the tackle the topic of Sunrooms  in four easy steps defining what a sun room is, its benefits, uses and style/shape. I assure you it definitely isn’t “much ado about nothing.” So let’s get started.

Informal definition.

As the name suggests it is a room that lets in a wealth of sunlight.

Formal definition.

room or glass-enclosed porch designed to display beautiful views, to admit and retain the sun’s heat in cool countries, and reflect it away in warm countries
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 
Source of Image: arcahouse.com

Source of Image: arcahouse.com


 Benefits of a Sunroom.

  • A sunroom allows you to enjoy the views of the outdoors while in the comfort of the indoors. No mosquito bites!
  • Increased living space.
  • Great for children who would like to go camping under the skies even in times of rain.
  • Having a sunroom allows you to sit back and relax and enjoy your landscape design or your garden.
  • A place to sit and reflect. Think of the poem by Robert Frost,  “The Road Not Taken” .
  • Health benefits. Additional Reading- Health benefits of sunrooms.
  • Add value to your property.
  • Energy efficient by the use of a passive solar building design.
Source of Image: reubensgoinggreen.com

Source of Image: reubensgoinggreen.com


Multifunctional Uses.

The fact that it is “living space” means that it can be used as any room desired or missing in your home within reason.

1. Dining room.                         2. Gym.                           3.  Relaxation room.                                    4. Home Office.                                       5. Study.                     6. Entertainment room.              7.   Hobby Room              8. Family room                   9. Conservatory/Greenhouse

Source of Image: dallas-beewindow

Source of Image: dallas-beewindow


Sunroom style / shapes

A sunroom can be designed in any particular style however, it should match your homes existing style. It may be the popular contemporary, modern or traditional. Talk to your designer about material selection and roof designs. Here is where you the client should do some research and view images of sunrooms that you admire and carry these images forth to your designer.

Here are two examples:

Source of image: solarinnovation

Source of image: solarinnovation

Source of Images: desmondconservatories

Source of Images: desmondconservatories