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Pathways are  functional and beautiful however, it is not very simple. It requires a lot of planning so we have listed out a few considerations to assist you.

1.   Budget.  Your budget should be written down and broken up in the different expenses such as material and labor.




2. Area. Dimensions of your pathway to get an estimate of material and construction cost.




3. Material/Materials. This selection should be determined firstly by the use of the pathway. For instance a pathway to the house differs from that of a landscape pathway.




4. Material Knowledge. For example loose materials require a border.




5. Age.  Think about who will be using the pathway. Is it children or grownups or both? Do not forget we get older, so of course we should think add that to our list.




6. Weather. Think to yourself would the rain make my material unsafe.




7.  Color Preferences. This is quite a piece of art but it depends on your style and budget. In designing your pathway choose colours that  mesh well with the colors of the exterior of your home and landscape.




8. Durability. Choose material that is durable and treated. Treatment should be to maintain colour, structural integrity as well as decay.




9. Maintenance. Meaning both upkeep of the area and financial expenses in preserving the material.




10. Traffic/Cleanliness.  Consider your family and your lifestyle when designing your pathway.




11. Style. Your pathway should match the style of your home for example a modern home requires a modern pathway.




12. Pattern. A beautiful well thought out simple pattern design can be just as effective as a pathway with a variety of colors.




13. Direction. Your pathway should give a clear outline as to direction.




14. Creativity. Take your time and design your pathway. A unique stylish pathway will act as a beautiful canvas.




15. Location. Think about where this material will be used before buying. Talk to your designer for guidance.