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This is a quick guide with a few considerations for designing your home deck.



  • Budget.

Before starting any construction in your home it is best to set a budget. Keep in your mind the cost of a design depends on its size, technicality, applications and finishing meaning materials. Another cost to consider is the delivery format of your plans; are hand drawn or rendered. For more information go to our article on Visualization Engineering: Renderings.


  • Planning.

Think about your lifestyle and make a list of your requirements which you should present to your designer along with a sample of images you like. Moreover, discuss with your designer the “uses” or proposed function of the deck by your family.




  • Designer.

Ensure your designer and builder knows the codes and rules of your neighborhood. A good designer should also provide you with suitable options that fit your needs, from which you are able to choose. For a successful project, find a designer that is willing and eager to collaborate and discuss different ways of approaching the project. Your designer should discuss with you; options that will save you money, utilize space, different style options and safety.



  • Layout.

Here are a few points to consider:

  1. Entry points.
  2. Do you want your deck to have full sun exposure/partial exposure/ shaded?
  3. Attached to or detached from to your home.
  4. Size.
  5. One level or Multi-level deck.



  • Style

Here are a few points to consider:

  1. Stair design
  2. Stain color
  3. Current style of your home and garden.




  • Accessories.
  1. Railings
  2. Sunken area
  3. Sitting spaces.
  4. Extra added goodies means electrical ports another key element for your planning phase.