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Like many homeowners, you decided to purchase brand new windows. Your reasons may be to update your home, or to uplift your homes natural beauty, this may also be an investment in a small renovation in hopes of selling your home faster and at a higher price.1

So, you finally decided on the perfect windows after searching for what seems like decades. “That was not enough,” you said “I need to highlight my new purchase”! So you accompanied it with custom-made curtains and then… NOTHING.7

You stopped. You began looking at the empty space and then bought paintings, but it did not feel right, so you bought a plant and placed it at the side of your new windows, which still left you unsatisfied. So you stopped again, took another look and still… NOTHING.

For simplicity let me use images and caption them!


You bought some mirrors because Jane told you that it was fashionable and would make a statement.


By now, you thought it would all come together like what you saw in the magazines. Therefore, you asked another friend who has good tastes in clothing, because you think, that means she knows about style, so she would have great ideas for home decor.

Her advice, “paint that wall a different color to add a splash of color and bring out the beauty of your new windows”. 
Still...NOTHING. So you went to the internet.  "Oh I need Lamps" so you bought them but still the ironic feeling of emptiness remained. By now you have spent your entire budget and your room still does not look the way you envisioned.
Still…NOTHING. So you went to the internet.
“Oh I need Lamps” so you bought them but still the ironic feeling of emptiness remained. Now you have spent your entire budget and your room still does not look the way you envisioned.


Our advice to highlight those windows:

1. Plan         2.Do not over decorate           3. Keep it simple              4. Know your space and utilize it efficiently         5. If you cannot visualize it talk to your designer about a render of the proposed plan. For information on rendering read our article Visualization Engineering: Renderings.


A great way to highlight your windows is to use them. Throw in a great comfortable window seat, so you can:

A custom window seat was created to provide a cozy space to sit

1. Sit, relax and read in comfort. Place a book on the seat so buyers can really visualize themselves reading with all that natural light coming through. It really allows them to see the worth and the usefulness of the space.



2. Turn the area into a focal point and a place of interest. 



3. Relax and enjoy the views, the fresh air by opening the windows. So your windows become a source of enjoyment.



4. Add extra seating. Who does not love extra seating especially if you entertain guests a lot. Seating with a view anyone?


touch of that 'home feeling'

5. Add a touch of that “home feeling”. We all love that “brand new” feeling of new pieces but the feeling of home is priceless. Cant you imagine reading to your child  here .



6. Add additional storage right by your windows. Really accentuate it by keeping the design and shape of the windows in mind.



7. Add a pop of color with the use of cushions or throw pillows that draws the eyes to the area and your beautiful windows.



8. Utilize awkward spaces without clutter emphasizing those brand new windows.



9. Use them to fill awkward gaps between closets.This creates nooks that are brighten by your windows making them essential and accentuates them at the same time.


covers for radiators

10. Covers unsightly  radiators and make your renovation stand out.