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John Lautner is best known today for his (1960) iconic Modernist octagon Chemosphere house design. The eight sided, UFO inspired residence is located in  the Hollywood Hills of  Los Angeles, California the house was named “The most modern home built in the World” by the Encyclopedia Britannica. The “Chemosphere” resembles that of a UFO aircraft as it hovers 30 feet over the city of Los Angeles. Or because of its modern yet futuristic appeal it has been linked to the animated sitcom the Jetsons. Don’t believe me take a look at the images below.


Animated sitcom the Jetsons


John Lautner Chemosphere


We have decided to feature this home because of its innovative design and creativity that surpasses its time. Built for the client Malin Lautner, a young aircraft engineer, the design of the residence was in fact an engineering challenge due to its location on a forty-five degree slope in an earthquake-prone region.


“When John Lautner was given the site in 1960, there were two common methods for building houses on the difficult sloped land. The ground could be cut to create a level platform or the house could be supported on an open steel framework. The client, however, had a small budget (only $30,000) so Lautner instead took advantage of the client’s extensive imagination and rejected both structural methods for one that would cost about half of the conventional solution with retaining walls and land drains. Lautner perched the entire one-story octagon on a single 30-foot concrete column, leaving the natural surroundings untouched.” Source







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