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When designing an enchanting outdoor area think of using a combination or all of these elements; earth, water, air, and fire. First, let us start with earth, which should be translated into embracing your surroundings; the trees, sky and land. Water can refer to a pond, pool or a water fountain. Air, this one is pretty simple, think ventilation. Fire, add a decorative piece such as a fire pit that allows you to utilize the area even when your outdoors are chilly. Once you have found a way to incorporate this, half the work is done and you can move on to decor.



The next phase is decor. You should work with the natural aesthetics that are “free” and then find ways to enhance them. So, for instance, you may have a large backyard that is not used by anyone except for your dog. Well, let us change that! You can cast a part of the area or not, add some durable furniture, some throw pillows for style, a fireplace and dine under the trees outdoors. This can also be a place to entertain or simply bond with your family.e58b85396a170ea5a30b71aa7dbd686e


Of course, not every “enchanting outdoor area” needs to be large. However, all it takes is finding the perfect space while keeping you and your loved ones safe. Do not forget lighting, a must have for any area. 002038-05-outdoor-dining-night



For everyday and multifunctional use think of installing a roof or some type of coverage against the weather. Take your time and think of how this area will be used and it purpose before starting this project. For more information read our article: Considerations before attempting your Landscape Design.Extend-your-living-space-outdoors-with-a-transparent-roof

For example, do you want full or partial sun coverage, or do you want a cover that allows you to still look at the skies. For more information on roof design visit: Trellis, Arbor or Pergola ? That is the question.



Here are a few more options:



Install an attractive pathway to enhance the location and increase safety. For great ideas: Pathway Design Ideas  / Covered Walkway Designs for Homes



Know what plants you have around you, the last thing you want are bee stings. Choose plants that over a variety of colour, easy maintain and are suitable for your climate.



Simple may just be the answer for you.



Know your weather history around you. This may be perfect for protecting you from the sun but if your area is consistently stormy consider a better alternative.



A area to relax and read.




Adding some privacy with the beautiful fabric.



What about a sunken room? Sunken Rooms: advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some examples:






The movies in your own back yard. I love the sound of that. It may not be for everyone but worth considering. The benefits of not having to drive to the cinema, purchasing snacks, then sitting there while someone says what will happen next! HMMM, sitting with my family in comfort or driving a mile and a half?




For the sake of style add a splash of color. No need for additional expense when purchasing lights buy ones that go with your theme, interesting to look at and has a beautiful accentuating colour.





Use your natural surrounding as scenery.



For another ideas to utilize your outdoor area read our article on:How to Design Your Perfect Outdoor kitchen: Outdoor Kitchen Design Guidelines & Ideas.