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A must share quote:

“But I absolutely believe that architecture is a social activity that has to do with some sort of communication or places of interaction, and that to change the environment is to change behaviour.” – Thom Mayne

PARKROYAL on Pickering by WOHA

PARKROYAL on Pickering by WOHA

Do you agree with the quote?  

We certainly do! PARKROYAL on Pickering by WOHA is a great example of architecture stimulating the minds of individuals; changing the ways in which people interact, treat and see nature, create meaningful conversations between people that may bring a positive change in the behavior towards the environment and inward. I would like to think that Architecture that changes the environment in such a great and positive way causes people to reflect, and see the world in a different light, not always what it is at present, “its flaws”, but what it could be.