Excuse me…am I transposed into a temple built by a Zen Buddhist architect? The reciprocal effects of light, nature and clear design weave my magic. Ando’s creative spirit is combined once again with nature at rest. An incomparable feeling surrounds the structure, an architectural enchantment of contemplative peace…


The simple, solid design and the conscious illumination of exhibits by daylight evoke an atmosphere of poetical experience. Ando’s work is an evolution of the originality and quality of minimal architecture. His austere, fascinating buildings create sublime beauty and lucid spatial arrangements.


Benesse House stands on a hill and can be reached directly from the seashore via a tunnel road. The main building contains the Museum for Contemporary Art, a small hotel with a restaurant and cafeteria, plus seminar rooms.


Space oscillates between non-material, fluid light and geometrical elements. The rooms are arranged in an ellipsis, and look out towards the paradisiacal…

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