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As a homeowner we are always trying to save space, utilize our areas, save money but does that mean we should sacrifice building a corridor? The question you should ask yourself is, what is the purpose of a corridor?

Corridors are the narrow transitional spaces within the home that connects the different areas and offers privacy and acts as a sound barrier.



Now that we have that out of the way, we will discus the various ways you can make your corridor exceptionally beautiful.

1. A beautiful color with varying tones used throughout. For some people one color seems to plain/boring, so the safe way to choose a color is to; select one color, then pick other shades of the same color (lighter or darker).7

Not saying white is not an option, but if you do choose white add a pop of color somewhere be it a rug runner, flooring, doors, these small details will enhance your home.Remarkable-Modern-Lighting-decorating-ideas-for-Handsome-Hall-Transitional-design-ideas-with-Bellacasa-Design-chandeliers-concrete-fireplace-groin-vault-Kevin-Spearman-lighting-neutral-


2. Impeccable flooring. Corridors are high traffic areas so think; durability, maintenance and beauty.2


3. Lighting. With a beautiful light fixture you don’t need all the ‘razzle dazzle’, just keep it simple. After all your guests will only be looking at the lights.1


4. Intricate skylights. Before deciding make sure you know the advantages and disadvantages of  skylights. For instance, skylights add to the structural beauty of your home and are a great source of natural light however, without proper consultation this can be devastating on your power bill.


5. Adding a few photographs. This will give it that home sweet home feeling.



6. Creating your own gallery. For the collector of art , artist or aspiring use the walls as your blank canvas to display your work or collection. 5


7. Seating. Depending on the size of your corridor you may place a neat seating area that does not obstruct the passage way.



8. A Rug Runner. This is a great easy way to add a splash of color. 1


9. Add some texture. Texture adds interest and makes the design seem more dramatic, expensive, well planned and executed.qa_240910_21-500x666


10. Add a Plant Wall/ Green wall. This is a fantastic way to bring the outdoors indoors.




11. Wise Materials. In selecting your material please talk to your designer about the pros and cons of materials.




12. Vision. Hire a great designer who is knowledgeable, understanding and has great vision for designs.