Today we are going to share with you key points to building a small efficient, elegant kitchen. Also, look forward to our upcoming post, ‘How To design a small sophisticated kitchen (A Designers’ Take)‘ for more ideas.24


1. Utilize your space with the perfect layout.  How to Choose a Kitchen Layout Based on the Fridge-Oven-Sink Work Triangle [Infographic]



2. An eye catching design that utilizes the space.12


3. Small space go horizontal.4


4. Smart Storage. While hanging kitchen tools are great too much can make the place feel cluttered. Instead think of smart storage that keeps your utensils out of sight and neatly tucked away.



5. Miniature Appliances/Compact appliances. 42


6. Sufficient Counter space.27


7. Sleek cabinets.   15


8. Artificial and Natural Lighting. For more visual interest talk to your designer about a skylight.20


9. Select a Theme.1


10. Back splash, to add just that extra touch.22


11. Defined Walkway/Traffic Area. While we are on this topic also keep in mind when purchasing flooring remember, low maintenance and durable.1


12. Glass gives the space an open feel and also makes the space appear larger.2