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1. Tivali Kitchen for Dada by Dante Bonuccelli 1

“Tivalì is a concentrate of technology. It is more than just a kitchen, it is a kitchen box that appears and disappears when necessary. The large doors slide and fold, disappearing into the side compartments, the back panel becoming a LED light wall that illuminates the worktop.” Source: architonic


2. “Board,” designed for Snaidero by Pietro Arosio


“Board aims to offer an industrial solution to the evolution in the contemporary housing industry, which tends to increasingly propose and build compact environments, shared spaces with freely configured interiors that are bright and open, without any functional constraints and geared towards new levels of environmental quality. Snaidero’s solution yet again reflects a tangible design concept featuring excellent aesthetic and functional solutions, yet tailored to limited space requirements that call for flexible and highly customisable industrial solutions.” Source: architonic



3. Kitchen Studio By Fendi Casa1


‘This model demonstrates to us how kitchen could be compact and very luxury in the same time. Kitchen Studio’s length is only 246 cm but in the same time it has all necessary appliances. It is equipped as good as the most modern kitchen systems. Stove, sink, microwave oven, coffee machine, refrigerator and dishwasher are hidden behind big slide doors decorated by custom “double-F” logo. Thanks to glossy dark color of the external doors this kitchen looks even smaller than it is but also very stylish. Internal elements are made from glass and stainless steel. All of the drawers and doors have push-pull mechanisms which provide easy opening and closing. There is also the possibility to automatically open the external doors with just one touch available.’ Source: digsdigs


4. The Pedini DUNE curved island kitchen.

A unique contemporary kitchen cabinets design program without handles, DUNE is defined by asymmetrically curved base units echoing flowing forms found in nature. Opening is achieved by a groove on the edge of the extra thick 23mm front panel (base units) or by a vertical aluminum profile (tall units). Drawers in the curved units allow Pedini to offer this remarkable kitchen design without compromising the environment, ergonomics or functionality.’ Source: pediniusa.