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Many people work hours in the city, breathing the smug, jostling in the crowds, while enduring the obtrusive sounds of modernization.  Every vacation or holiday however, thousands of people drift to beach houses seeking relaxation. Well known for its scenery, charming décor and peaceful sounds, it is one of the best and famous getaways.

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Let’s talk Economics

Owning the perfect beach house can come at a hefty price. Location is one of the main contributing factors in cost. Maintaining a home close to the water also comes at a price. The design and materials used however can relieve owners of the expensive maintenance costs.

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“The Beach House” located an hour and a half away from Manhattan, designed by Aamodt Plumb Architects takes a creative stance protecting the house from the environmental elements. Using durable materials such as mahogany, limestone, stainless steel and concrete, creates a modern updated home while offering protection. Moreover, what catches the eye is the exquisite Metallic screens adorned with a whimsical pattern allowing the sun to peak through.  Additionally, the screen serves the purpose of aesthetics and protection from forceful winds.

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The result, we are left with a light filled, durable, sustainable, modern superior amazing home.


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