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Time goes by quickly, so it is important that we take time and spend with our loved ones because before we know it the kids are off to college, then jobs, married raising kids of their own in a blink of an eye. Spending quality time with your children from young allows the family to develop traditions, routines and create special times such as family cook night or game day. It is these special moments that create the building block of togetherness that binds us no matter what age.

Here are a few of these areas and how you can make it more comfortable.


1. Window seat.

This is an example of a great area to read to your children. Add throw pillows to add color and extra huggable softness to the area. For reading purposes ensure there is sufficient task light.

window seat


2. Kitchen

Cooking with the family is a great way to bond, but clutter and insufficient prep space can make this a horrific experience. Design with sufficient shelves and cupboards to avoid the clutter and a beautiful island gives additional counter space for all those extra hands.



3. Dining area

Take the time to move away from the TV and share your jokes of the day with your family. An open concept design such as this allows for easy transitions between areas so the jokes will never have to stop.

dinning area


4. Outdoor entertainment/ kitchen

This is a great way to encourage the family to get some fresh air. Make a beautiful meal, sit and enjoy the game or a great movie. Task lighting is fundamental for cooking area, along with accent lights. For those chilly days a fireplace is a must have.

outdoor kitchen


5. Outdoor pool.

Swimming is a good form of exercise and although it may seem as an expense, it is an investment in your health. as the saying goes ‘good for your health, good for your wealth’. Throw in basketball ring and we’ve got a great family game.