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Tip number 1- NO CLUTTER

Install sufficient storage and counter space with cupboards and baskets. For larger bathrooms try an Island._master-bathroom-with-storage-shelves


Tip number 2- Open Up the Space

Let in lots of light. Get rid of unnecessary walls in your private bathrooms.




  • Blue  relaxes, soothes, calms us and improve focus and productivity. Blue is a popular choice for bedrooms, office or child’s study area, bathrooms and laundry areas.



  • Green is considered the most restful color. It is balancing, healing, and relaxing. Suitable for most rooms.



  • Turquoise for those who like both green and blue. Turquoise gives that nice relaxing beach feel.



  • Yellow makes many people feel cheerful, happy, and energetic. Great for the kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, living room and for small places such as corridors.bathroom-multifunctional-lovely-yellow-color-ideas-for-nice-luxury-small-bathroom-interior-design-with-gorgeous-lighting-ideas-luxury-small-bathroom-color-interior-design-ideas


  • White is another popular choice for those who prefer the simple, clean look. Painting your walls white can make a room feel larger and gives it that simple clean look. To add some interest try different textures.



GENERAL NOTE; Be simple and consistent in your color themeBathroom-Traditional-backsplash-bath-tv-Bathroom-Tv-bath


For more information on Color Selection visit:

How To select the perfect color :how colors can affect your mood, feelings and emotions


Tip number 4-Include the feel of the outdoors for an organic feel.

  • Use earthy tones in your design.



GENERAL NOTE; Select materials that are durable and easily maintained. There is nothing relaxing about sitting in your tub thinking about the difficulties you have in cleaning the surfaces. Don’t let the materials cause you to panic.  Modern-Japanese-Style-bathroom-with-bamboo-decor


  • Implement Greenery in your design.
    Modern Home Decor- -Enchanting Interior Home Design Ideas Pictures Inner Lovable Home Design Ideas Decor Winning Possessions Ikea Home Design Ideas  -2


  • Add flowers for a extra dash of color.


  • Let in the light. Lighting is essential for safety, seeing and setting the mood.

Natural lightgreen-bath


 Skylights are another was to let in natural light.skylight


Task lightstraditional-bathroom (1)



Aesthetic/Decorative lights

Place a Chandelier to make the room appear more expensive.2066


Candle light adds to the gentleness of the room. The soft light is easy on the eyes rather than the harsh bright bulbs. Place scented candles to add a nice aroma and let the relaxation begin! For more information visit: How To select the perfect light fixture



Tip number 5- Add a beautiful aroma to your bathroom is by hanging eucalyptus in the shower. 

Another great option is lavender.

Tip number 6- Add mirrors to your wall. 

Mirrors are another way to make the space feel bigger as they reflect light. traditional-bathroom


Tip number 7- Separate space for him and her.

His and hers bathroom sinks are important in busy households. Nothing is relaxing about fighting in the morning trying to use the sink. To keep the peace and increase the relaxation try designated areas.


Tip number 8-  Get a tub.



Tip number 9-  Get a a great shower head.

Of course there are several to pick from so find your preference.



Tip number 10-   Install a hot water system.

Say no to cold baths.



Tip number 11- Install heated flooring in your bathroom.

There is nothing is worse than stepping out of a relaxing shower only to step on cold floors.



Tip number 12- Fireplace.

A Fireplace should add interest to your design as well as be create a relaxing ambiance and give you that nice coziness.


Tip number 13- Artwork.

Use art to give to bring the outdoors to you.


Tip number 14- Drapes.

Purchase drapes that offer privacy, texture and color that suits the style of your bathroom.



Tip number 15- Ventilation.

In designing your bathroom think of ventilation for maximum comfort. A ceiling fan is great option along with large windows .


Tip number 16- Treat yourself.

A comfy robe just makes you feel very ‘spa-like’.traditional-beautiful-bathroom-design-ideas-besides-window-freshome


Tip number 17- Entertainment.

Depending on how long you plan to spend in your bathroom and your budget you can add the luxury of a TV, just remember safety.



Tip number 18- Door.
Last but not least a magnificent door that you would not mind starring at. 

Gorgeous-Oriental-theme-Bathroom-Bamboo-Ornament-Antique-Ceiling-Fan-large-white-bathtub-Glass-Panels-shower-room-Beautiful-wall-design-and-flooring-wooden-cupboard  www.clairoscuro