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A great memorable Impression is what you should aim to create when designing your reception area. Your reception area is one of the first places clients see so it should make a good first impression. It must be immaculately clean and well designed. Once entered clients should feel comfortable and not hurry, wanting to leave, never to return. It does not matter how the rest of the space looks once they are greeted poorly they do not change their minds! We often talk about building a brand and yes folks your reception area should also represent your brand. For more information, visit: Building a Brand: What your office should say about you.


So let’s get straight to a few key aspects in creating a comfortable, welcoming reception area that matches your brand.microsoft_offices_mla100309_6


  • Create a clutter free reception area.


  • Add interest to the space with a unique/creative desk.



  • A fresh coat of paint to give it that new clean feel.4662520742_394ab9fd10


  • Employ a well mannered professional receptionist. Heading the front desk he/she is the face of your company greeting individuals as they come in, so hire someone with great communication skills, polite and well-groomed.



  • Do the math. Understand how much space is available, then you can think of furnish, decor and walkway areas. Remember to buy pieces in relation to the space available.



  • Know how many people you need at the desk for efficiency. 1272915732-04-1000x666


  • Incorporate the name of the company in the background.2015-01-06_094135872


  • Create a peaceful mood with good lighting.elegance-reception-area-of-law-office-interior-design580-x-383-45-kb-jpeg-x


  • Comfort, don’t make waiting painful. Ensure the room is well ventilated and chairs are comfortable. Modern-Luxurious-And-Welcoming-Reception-Area-of-RGA-Interior-Office-Design-With-Inviting-Environment-590x290


  • Be creative. It starts here! Your clients are looking around to see your creativity, style and taste. This should weigh especially heavy on design companies; so show them your creativity, your brand or even your playfulness.b6f2f0932436a08aaf5fe2a7499ebfdb


  • Entertainment. Do not bore your clients with a still stark quiet room; install a quiet TV in the background, magazines for the readers and some art work for their eyes to gaze upon.0519869750f60f14c1e5a153a76f45b1


  • Add some plants.San-Pablo-Corporate-Offices-9


  • Add a few unexpected elements, along with some refreshment.