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Determining the perfect getaway varies from person to person so for the purpose of this post we decided to run around and ask individuals, ‘what makes the perfect outdoor getaway’. Here is a list of the top responses:

  • Sitting under the trees waiting to see the stars
  • Peaceful dining with a view
  • Reading a book on my hammock
  • Swimming in a secluded pool

Certainly, in designing your perfect outdoor gem it takes some planning, so to assist you we have created a list of few steps to help build that dream place.


Choose your best area and highlight it with a great functional design.


There are different levels of privacy and various options to create it such as building a structure such as a Canopy, Arbor, Gazebo, Pergola etc. The possibilities are endless! You can also fence your backyard with the materials of your choice or use greenery for a natural appearance, use hedges for a more trimmed look, or use your landscape to mark your property and rid yourself or prying eyes. For more information, bellow gives a few links to assist:

Trellis, Arbor or Pergola ? That is the question.

How to create a Magnificent private backyard.


Peace and Quiet.

Trees are magnificent structures that offer us clean air, beauty, act as a noise buffer and shelter us. Choosing the correct plants may require some research so here is a link to help with your greenery selection and other useful considerations: Considerations before attempting your Landscape Design.


Nothing says getaway like creating a space of solitude. Place seating among a variety of plants of different colors and heights to add interest to the space. Select plants that also offer amazing soothing scents such as lavender and jasmine.



Camping in your backyard

This makes for good family bonding time and its easier that having to hike for miles and worry about safety. This simple trick will surely make the kids happy.



Cozy seating

You cannot create an outdoor getaway without seating! Purchase seating that can withstand the pressures of the outdoors, think durability, maintenance, and temperatures and color fading. Place blankets and pillows to create that cozy atmosphere.



In designing the area, it is best to think ahead, create a space that can be used throughout the year. On those rainy on very sunny days you should not be trapped inside, this is where a thoughtful design comes into play. Talk to your designer about your different options.



Fireplaces are great investments. They serve as heating, create ambiance, and also draws the eyes towards a beautiful focal piece, to name just a few.1


Sunken room

For much more of an effect create different levels. Sunken rooms are a perfect choice for creating an intimate environment. For more info: Sunken Rooms: advantages and disadvantages.


Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is a main component of any design. Lighting creates ambiance and makes the surrounding environs safer. To learn more read our article: How To select the perfect light fixture.


Outdoor Kitchen/Dinning Area.

Nothing beats cooking outdoors, there is just a peacefulness to it that I guess comes from being outside and let’s face it is perfect for cooking smoky meals like a great BBQ. To read more about the benefits or design tips here is the link: How to Design Your Perfect Outdoor kitchen: Outdoor Kitchen Design Guidelines & Ideas.




Again, this is why designs should be personal because it is not enough for your designer to guess what you would like but for you to have an input and get exactly what works for you. Your designer must; know who the space if for, how many people will be using the space and what would you like appliance wise, so he/she can make arrangements for your appliances. Everyone has their own preferences for some it means a book and others it’s technology.


Tree house

Treehouses are growing in popularity, once known as a structure mainly for kids has turned into architectural structures that are relevant at any age for those wishing to be one with nature once again. For instance the image below shows the ‘Erlebnest’ an Open-Air Treehouse Retreat in Germany designed by Cambium a company based in German’s Allgäu region that specializes in treehouse construction. For some of the most famous treehouses: Tree Houses by no means just for kids: Architectural Structures.



An area to hang out.

For those who love the classics or those wanting a new spin on the classic outdoor apparatus, the hammock here are some examples:


Pool/Water feature.

Pools are great for entertaining and are gorgeous to look at, also an excellent choice of exercise so it no wonder it was one of our top responses.



A bridge gives a beautiful transition into another area. It gives the feeling of crossing over into new lands, into the unknown which adds mystery and excitement.


Designing the perfect outdoor getaway requires a great sense of style. All design decisions should be purposeful, intentional, functional and aesthetically pleasing.