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Bay Residence by Stelle Architects located at Eastern Long Island, New York, United States was completed in 2006.

Principal designer: Frederick Stelle

Design team: Frederick Stelle, Michael Lomont, Greg Tietjen

OTHERS Contractor: Atlantic Collaborative Construction Co. Inc.


Designer’s statement

“I wanted a lot of wood elements,” the client says. “I didn’t want a cold, modern box.”

This waterfront property unfolds in a sequence of views, both revealed and concealed, a kind of Kabuki shadow play that starts at the driveway and snakes down the entire length of the five-acre lot. “It adds to the experience of arrival,” says the bachelor client who wanted a peaceful escape.

“It’s not a precious house,” says the client. “You just hose it down at the end of the weekend.”

The design objectives were to maximize views and to minimize site disturbance and visual impact. The single story, elevated glass and steel structure is anchored in the center to a concrete plinth, which has an entry patio on the front, and a patio and pool with two vanishing edges at the rear. The east and west ends of the structure are cantilevered from the concrete base, floating over the landscape. Polished concrete walls, an exposed steel structural frame, floor to ceiling glass, and mahogany louvered sun screens create a minimal yet elegant presence.

The 90 foot long steel, glass and wood box is cantilevered from a perpendicular concrete plinth, exposing its structure for a tectonic clarity. The south facing wall of the structure is covered with rolling wooden louvered panels to screen the summer sun.

The center public spaces are open to the front and rear patios, while the private spaces are placed at the four corners. The polished concrete floor flows throughout the interior and matching concrete pavers cover the exterior patios. The pool is located in the north-west corner of the patio allowing the water to flow over two sides. A cantilevered, private outdoor shower is entered through the main shower in the master bath. A concerted effort in choosing the materials, their intersections, and details was undertaken to promote a minimal, uncluttered, peaceful co-existence with the inherent beauty of a spectacular, unspoiled site. [Source: Architecture News Plus]


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