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Sometimes, especially if you are on a budget a focal wall is one of the best ideas to save money and still create that WOW factor. Instead of multiple expensive pieces focus on one key item and highlight it. Remember, with any chosen selection the focal point should be the first thing that catches your attention and holds it. Therefore, we have devised a short list of considerations when designing a focal point.

  • A pop of unexpected color really draws the eye to the item.
  • Interesting Texture, within your furniture select an item that is loud in it presence.
  • Overwhelming volume that outshines other elements.
  • Striking Shapes, really think about playing with dimensions to give that extra pizzazz.


Apply those considerations when using this key list of focal point design ideas:

1) Ceiling.

A gorgeous ceiling can steal any spotlight! Choose a style that suits the theme, style and era of your home and uplifts the space. You have several choices for more assistance check out our article: Types of Ceilings

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2) lighting.

Again, the choices are endless put for that knockout design utilize oversize chandeliers, unique lamp or lamp shades, or go to a flea market and find items that you can turn into a one of a kind light fixture that suits your style. For more information read our article How To select the perfect light fixture.

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3) Accent a wall.

To make this wall ‘pop’ utilize a shade that has not been used in this space.

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4) Furniture (Chair & Table)

Show your personality with your furniture.  Be playful, add a new color or shape, texture to the space to make it a focus point. For more information on how to make your furniture project we have a life changing article just for you  How to Arrange Your Living Room Furniture.

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 5) Window 

A great view what can be better than that. Rather than spending your money on a chandelier or another item, put it towards a great window that shows off that great free view. Align your furniture with the view so everyone can enjoy the beauty, air, and calmness of the outdoors.

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