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6) artwork or sculpture.

For those art Connoisseurs select a piece or pieces of art from your collection that adds dimension, shape, color and tells a story. Think art gallery; placement, lighting and contrast.

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7) Decor- rugs, mirror, centerpiece, floral arrangements.

Here are a few other simple options. Just keep the Considerations in mind!

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8) fireplace.

A Fireplace is great easy focal point. Place your furniture around it to create that cozy beautiful focal point.

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9.) bookcase, Shelves.

Many homes suffer from the ‘lack of storage syndrome’, so what a better way to add space and style to the area than with a bookcase, or storage of your preference. However, for this to work it must be creative and interesting. The cheapest solution is a stunning paint color. Another is an interesting shape or texture as seen in the first image.

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10) Curtains.

Beautiful Curtains or blinds will make anyone stare but ‘up the ante’ and make entering the space an experience with bold dynamic selections. For this area think of material, color, texture and pattern.

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