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In 2014, Arup with not-for-profit organisation Bridges to Prosperity (B2P), won the prestigious IStructE (Institute of Structural Engineers) Awards first prize in the Sustainability category for there Muregeya suspension footbridge across the Muregeya River in Western Rwanda.

The Sustainability Award Previously known as the David Alsop Sustainability Award, in memory of David Alsop, is presented to projects with”an outstanding structure which demonstrate excellent coordination of all aspects of the engineering elements and services combined with elegance, life-time economy and respect for the environment in which the structure is built.”

The bridge was engineered using Arup’s pioneering ‘BridgeTOOL’ software; this is a design tool and learning resource that enables the rapid design of suspension footbridges, coupled with documentation to both support the construction process and education programmes worldwide.

The bridge is a crucial structure that connects two districts and provide safe access to an estimate of 10,000 inhabitants living along its banks improve access to markets, schools and healthcare.

The Muregeya Bridge has been praised as ‘a vital life changing piece of infrastructure, the design of which was based on sound engineering principles. A design that embodies the essence of what Structural Engineering is about.’

The bridge was recognized by the judges as an ‘an excellent example of the structural engineers providing their expertise in order to truly contribute and transform people’s lives. It supports an aspiration to eliminate extreme poverty caused by rural isolation and it was clear to the Judges that the work of the team was exemplar in its execution and dedication.’



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