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Taizhou Bridge over the Yangtse River in Jiangsu Province, China was designed by Jiangsu Provincial Communications Planning and Design Institute alongside AECOM Asia Company Ltd is one of the greatest example of structural engineering ever built. 


‘Taizhou Bridge is the world’s first suspension bridge to feature three towers and two long main spans rather than the conventional two tower suspension bridge with one long main span’. [Source: cif.org]

Design with minimal environmental impact

‘All elements of the planning, design, and construction of the bridge were aimed at minimizing adverse environmental effects. In fact, the three-tower, two-main-span suspension design was chosen for environmental reasons, for by minimizing the number of piers in the water, it would have only a slight effect on river hydraulics and river ecology’. [Source: cif.org]


Winner of the 2013 Institute of Structural Engineers Supreme Award for structural engineering excellence:

The Taizhou Bridge set 5 new world records:

  • The first long-span, three pylon, and two 1,080-meter-long main span suspension bridge;
  • The tallest central pylon ever built, with a height of 200 meters (656 ft.);
  • The deepest underwater bridge caisson foundation for a central pylon;
  • The longest suspension cable with two 3,110 meter (10,200 ft.) long main cables; and
  • The first concurrent erection of 2 long suspension deck girders. [Source: ASCE.org]

The Taizhou Bridge, Jiangsu, China, has been awarded with the IABSE Outstanding Structure Award 2014 for being;

“a breakthrough in engineering and construction to span over large distances, the Taizhou Bridge ushers in a new generation of multiple-long-span, continuous suspension bridges”. [Source: IABSE.ORG]

Taizhou Bridge won the Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence as well as the Award for Highway or Railway Bridge Structures.

The Awards judges said:

“This enormous project was an extraordinary achievement, which pushed the frontiers of suspension bridge technology to new heights.” [Source: istructe.org]