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We all like our homes to be beautiful and luxurious without ‘breaking the bank’ so what are our options?

1. We must start somewhere, and the first step is to declutter. Find an ideal place for the items you want to keep, recycle items you no longer want, and have a yard sale for others you do not need and make some extra cash. Before you sell your items, go over each one with a creative eye; ask yourself if it can be fixed, re-upholstered, refurbished, painted, and made new? Most homeowners ‘sell’ their old items at yard sales, purchase new ones sometimes of inferior quality and then become upset. Why? Because ‘they just do not make things like they use to’. Hence, the popularity of these sales! Buyers walk away paying very little for strong vintage material items that just needs a little work. As they say, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. Sometimes all it takes is a little patience and seeing beyond the exterior.

2. If you have not guessed it, number two, if you’re not a seller become the buyer go to yard sales, thrift shops and auctions for your home decorating needs. Inspect the items wisely, the material, condition, history and imperfections. Think for a minute are you capable and have the equipment, tools and appliances to complete this project this project safely and how much would it cost. Then and only then, should you make an offer. Keep your eyes on the goal; beautiful durable decor at a great price and pride in the piece you enhanced.



3. New coat of paint. When in doubt a fresh coat of paint will do the trick and to save money and time you can just paint one wall, a focal wall. The focal wall should be painted in a color that compliments the existing surrounding color while drawing the eye to the new color. For an in-depth understanding of how to mix and match colors or pick the perfect color for you visit :How to choose the perfect paint color for the exterior of your home. and How To select the perfect color :how colors can affect your mood, feelings and emotions.

Paint walls

Or Paint cabinets.


4. Wallpaper is another cheap way to achieve the pop of style you desire. They come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles so your options are endless.


5. Faux Moldings are an option if you like the look but don not want to spend the full amount for the style.


6. Save your money on random art instead use family photos as artwork. Make them bigger for a bolder look.


7. Beautiful low maintenance plants that lasts such as palms.


8. Create one of a kind light fixtures from old bottles.


9. Spray paint old chandeliers and make them come alive again. There are several tutorials on YouTube where you can find inspiration.


10. Sometimes all it takes is moving the furniture to the right location. Here is a link for assistance: How to Arrange Your Living Room Furniture.


11. Re-upholster furniture, to make them look new, current and add personality.


12. Clean and polish wooden floors or consider refinishing them.


13. An interesting rug or carpet is another way to make your home look expensive. By interesting I mean an unusual dynamic shape, color, texture or pattern.

14. Decorate with what you have, display your magazines and books to its fullest potentials. Place them on your coffee table cover side up neatly organized, this will now become your centerpiece of attraction and topic of discussion.


15. Simulated granite or aborite. Aborite now comes in a variety of colors and patterns offering that rich luxurious look to your kitchen counters. 


16. Paint or stain furniture and change door knobs and handles. This is another simple way to renew your furniture without spending too much.



17. Last but certainly not least, uplift the space by adding mirror frames to your mirrors. This will emphasize the space, define the shape of the mirror and contrast the colors and materials