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Can you really use simple tricks to make your appear higher and room bigger? According to a study done by Psycologists Daniel Oberfeld and his team, light is the most essential element in creating the illusion of a larger room. He goes on to explain “A rule of thumb consistent with our data,” they wrote, “would be: ‘If you intend to make the room appear higher, paint both the ceiling and the walls in a light colour. You are free to choose the colour of the floor because it has no effect on the perceived height.” Continue reading for more tips.amazing-open-living-room-in-west-coast-penthouse-with-fancy-drum-lamp-shade-and-terrific-glass-coffee-table-and-sophisticated-sea-view-from-large-glass-windows-beautiful-open-living-room-Elegant-Living-Room-Shade-De (1)

  1. Painting ceilings white are effective because they reflect lots of light making the room appear larger. Another trick is using a high gloss finish to achieve the desired effect.Clerestory-windows-near-the-ceiling.
  2. Select wall lights or floor lamps instead of overhead lighting such as chandeliers and pendants as they decrease the appearance of height. For instance, look at the image below, now look the space ignoring the lights, it makes a huge difference. 
  3. When choosing floor lamps opt for lamp shades that are of a light shade where light can easily pass through. Light has the ability to make the space appear larger.
  4. Beautiful glass windows to let in the light and height of your room.
  5. Hang curtain rods near the top of the ceiling or directly below crown moldings this easy trick will give the illusion that the ceiling a lot higher than it is. 
  6. Vertical striped curtains or even vertical wallpaper designs will give the appearance of height.
  7. When purchasing furniture select low, horizontal furniture. This easy trick is successful because it keeps the space above undisturbed and further away.
  8. Hang your artwork or bold narrow catching elements vertically. Go all the way up to the ceiling, every image you glance at makes the journey seem endless.

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