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Here is a quick guide on how to create a breakfast nook you would not regret. We have outlined our top 5 must haves to make any breakfast nook a success. breakfast-nook2

1] Starting off the list at number one, a beautiful window. Always choose a location with fresh air, sufficient light, natural and artificial.

2] Nooks are not meant to be large as dinning rooms they are usually small spaces so when selecting furniture purchase suitable quaint furniture. Remember large furniture would only make the area smaller. Try built-in for a neat and cozy feel.white-breakfast-nook-classic-california-house-0612-xln

3] Breakfast nooks are also a great place to add storage. Add storage within the seating for example.


4] Know your expectations! When do you expect to use this area? Who will be using this area and so forth? For example a breakfast nook right off the kitchen, with storage for books are ideal for parents who would like to prepare meals and assist their children with their homework. kitchen-nook-paint-ideas5] Be consistent in your theme. Do not overlap styles! If your home is modern and all the rooms are of that style do not add a contemporary breakfast nook, it will look out of place. Incorporate the existing materials and colors of your home into the area to achieve a cohesive look. have_a_breakfast_nook_you_can_be_proud_of_-_remodelingtherapy_diy_breakfast_nook_