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Today we will show you a few quick and easy DIY Projects that you can do to save money by converting your old door into that one of a kind item you have been looking for. To keep this post short and simple just remember one golden rule, ensure that the old door is sturdy, reliable and usable before investing time in the project; cosmetic finishes can be easily fixed with sanding, paint or you may opt for that rustic look. Well, let’s get started!10

Table created from the old door

This is a great idea for creating a unique and interesting tabletop without breaking the bank. Customize it to match your home or let it be the focus, the choice is yours but no matter the decision you will inspire others to make use of their forsaken objects.

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Mirror Transformation

Mirrors are fantastic focal point pieces so don’t be afraid to go big! It also makes the room appear larger, lighter and more refreshing. We like to really highlight the details and emphasize the fact that it is a door converted to a mirror to make of a ‘pop’ but again it’s up to you. 

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storage created from an old door

We could all do with more storage and what a better way than reusing what you already have to create that perfect storage for your family. Below are just a few examples to give you an idea but most certainly have fun with these projects, involve the family to give it that personal touch and really spend some good quality time connecting with your loved ones.


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Bedhead Door creation

Bland lifeless and void rooms of color are uplifted by the lines and texture of the door. Make it the focal point by contrasting of color of the door and walls.


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Picture frames from Old Doors

Doors are a perfect candidate for creating the perfect picture frame, the size is perfect for hanging a number of photos and the lines of the door allow your images to be placed in a straight line without wasting time. Lastly, it just looks really cool when done right! Place some hooks and hang it in the entryway or mudroom and voila multifunctional is the word.18

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Outdoor uses for Old Doors

Of course these ideas aren’t limited to the indoors! Get creative and utilize your doors as a trellis to grow your favorite vines, arbor or as a fence/divider, seating and much more. For the outdoors make sure seal the door from the weather.



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