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Many of the time we see homeowners placing all their efforts on the inside of their homes but a home’s comfort and curb appeal starts from the outside. So for today we will show you a few tips and tricks to utilize your landscape to make the indoors of your home more comfortable and enjoyable.


When selecting plants for your landscape, select plants that release a pleasant aroma into the air. Scent affects us more that you think and can have adverse effects that affect our mood judgement and much more. For much more information visit The Smell Report.

Select plants that keep the bugs away, for example Lavender it has a lovely smell as well as chases away those pesky critters. A few others are Basil, Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Catnip, Chamomile, and Oregano.

Plants are great at providing shade and reducing your homes cooling expenses. It also protects your home from noise pollution. Noise Pollution Solutions: Creating the perfect neighborhood.


Attach a beautiful garage to your home to make entering on those rainy days with your groceries easier. Carport vs Garage article or case you would like to see the YouTube video instead The Carport Vs The Garage (Video)

Another option is constructing a Covered Walkway Designs for Homes.

On the other hand, you can build a Pergola for a wonderful entertaining outdoor area.

Utilize your outdoors as another spare playroom/ relaxation area or outdoor kitchen.


Nothing makes us more at ease than the feeling of being safe so install proper lighting, walkways, and safety rails where necessary. Instead of accessing your homes by means of stairs, think of ramps or both.


Storage is the number one problem homeowners face, the feeling of ‘outgrowing’ their home; so another option is purchasing or a simple DIY project of building outdoor furniture with storage.

Extra Facility

An outdoor shower is great addition for that growing family (and it raises the value of your home). It also assists in keeping the indoors clean; family members are given the opportunity to wash off, children can rid themselves of mud or sand from their sandbox before entering the home.


Lastly, to prevent a large amount of dust and mud in your homes install pavers or some form of pathway that protects you from carrying a large sum of dirt indoors. Here are some examples Pathway Design Ideas.

For a cheaper alternative built a wooden frame, fill it with stones, use it as a strainer, stand, and pour water over, and watch as your feet become indoor ready.