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Hope you guys are having a great day. Yesterday we here in Trinidad and Tobago celebrated 53 years of Independence and it was wonderful but as of today, the work is back on. Today we will be showing you some quick and easy ways to make your kitchen appear larger, do not worry these are very simple tips and tricks that you can do yourself.

Tip # 1

Paint it all White. Why? Because White reflects light.

Tip # 2

Very little contrast in the cabinets, counters and back splash color. Keep away from colors that draw the eye to one area. Instead, opt for smooth transitions, where the eyes can glaze over making the journey appear grander.

Tip # 3

Replace solid cabinet doors with glass ones to expand the length of the room and lighten the look of the area.

Tip # 4

If you must select another color from the color spectrum, choose a dark tone why, because they give the appearance of recessed walls. 

Tip # 5

Go for recess storage. To keep that clean smooth look tuck your pantry, cabinets flush with your walls.

Tip # 6

Avoid large / bulky furniture. Buy in proportion to the space you have. Although it is great to get ideas from magazines, remember to keep in mind the area you have, the design, sitting and walking areas.

Tip # 7

Choose Compact Appliances. Another option is select appliance with Reflective Surfaces, which can bounce of light.

Tip # 8

Get rid of room dividers. The main aim should be to keep clean lines allowing the eyes to merge into other spaces makes the space of the room feel endless.

Tip # 9

Give the impression of a raised ceiling.

Tip # 10

Flood the space with light, (Natural and Artificial)