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Today we will show you some quick and easy ways to decorate your entryway without spending ‘an arm and leg’. For other easy DIY and design ideas visit our How To section and if there are any articles you would like us to discuss leave it in the comment portion. 16-Feminine-contemporary-entryway

focal wall.

Seize the attention of your guests with a beautiful focal wall. You can use a different paint color or wallpaper or even a stencil for a rich fantastic design without breaking the bank.


Add a plant

Be wise when selecting plants. Choose plants that are maintainable, geometric, of a lovely color, and can survive in partial sunlight.6429 Lavendale


Add a gorgeous light fixture. It does not have to be outrageous to grab the attention of guests, simplicity and cleanliness is enough. Re-paint to make new and have your guests wondering where you got it. 


Purchase paintings that reflect your personal style. Place your paintings high to extend the height of your ceiling. Go to flee market sales and get great deals on one of a kind pieces.Recessed-Entryway-Lighting-Fixtures

Table and Seating

If the space permits you place a seating area, where you and your guest can sit and remove shoes before entering. The seat and table does not have to be anything extravagant, again clean simple lines are just as attractive, if not more beautiful sometimes than excessive pieces. All it takes is a little elbow grease or slight updates such as reupholstering, painting or changing hardware.


Add some form of symmetry. This may refer to plants, seating, painting or even lights. 

Rug & Mirror

Add a sophisticated rug and mirror to brighten up the area and give some personality to bland areas.