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In today’s economy it is all about smart purchasing. Purchasing items that are of good material, built well, durable, efficient, time effective. Sometimes it means spending a little, so you can get on to doing the things that earn you the most. Today we will discuss a few elements you can add to your home to make it more efficient, please note it is not in any particular order.

Magnetic Key holder.

If you’re like me loosing keys are the worse, having to retrace your steps, walking up and down, running, panicking, wasting time when you’re in a hurry. Just thinking about it is stressful! Well, for those of us who have this problem an alternative is a magnetic key holder. It is a cheap easy alternative that does not take up space and blends in nicely with walls; you won’t even know it’s there, which I like. The stylish element is beautiful of course, you can purchase different styles and colors to blend in or stick out the choice is yours, but this is definitely a favorite. 

Mudroom/ Entryway with Seat and Storage 

This is great for kids as well as adults, after a long day you can sit and place everyday articles away neatly for the next day. Kids shoes can be stored in the entrance, which saves you and your children some cleaning time, as well as, time spent looking for those shoes the next day to attend school. Another reason this is so efficient is that it takes away the ‘guess work’, wondering where you left the briefcase. 

Open Kitchen Storage. 

This can be seen as a design element but also an efficient design because rather than having to open and close draws or cabinets you can simply just reach in and take the utensil needed saving you time in the kitchen. Of course, it is also a cheaper design alternative because you would not have that additional cost for doors and the hardware.

Touch-to-Open Cabinets

This is another kitchen tip that I love because it is efficient, sleek, modern and it gives me the feeling of knowing that my wares are clean and protected. So the beauty of this design is that it saves you time, for instance you can easily transfer your compost or garbage materials into its correct bin with just one soft touch without dirtying the hardware or face of the cabinets. In fact, you can use your knee to open it and close then wash hands. 

Glass Bathroom Doors

Last but certainly not least, glass bathroom doors are easy to clean, durable and makes your bathroom appear larger all a plus in my book. To make this room more private you can choose frosted, textured the list goes on. 

Hope this helped you and yours. Have a fantastic week! I will end with the wise words of Kofi Annan ‘Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.’ So keep reading and informing yourself.