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This is a continuation of the first part here is the link in case you missed it How To reuse or utilize extra pieces of glass you have. Part 1) and if you looking for more articles like this check the following links below at the end of the article. So let us continue.

  • Make a sign

Making a sign is a really simple way to utilize your glass but you also go more extravagant, more artistic and do glass etching which can be used as room dividers. There are different ways to do this the easiest I would say is using the etching cream the option is yours. Also you can do the research and look at the variety of etching glass kits and choose the one that works best for you.


  • Make your own glass erase boards

  • Do not worry you do not need any specific marker a dry erase marker will work just fine. There are a variety of ways you can approach the project, the first is the simplest; using an old picture frame and just putting a clean background inside, the second is to build a frame which you would of seen in part one of this article, or utilizing magnets, bolts or another system of your choice to attach it to your wall.

  • Small green house

Recycling has never been so fruitful, built a small greenhouse from your used doors, windows, or picture frames. Greenhouses are a great way to control the environment of your plants and keep pests away. See below for ways to create your own Greenhouse.

Making a Mini Greenhouse From Picture Frames

Greenhouses made from Old Windows and Doors

  • Curio cabinet

Build a Curio cabinet using your left over pieces of glass. There are several plans you can find on the net to get started. Just pick the one that is right for you and goes with the style of your home.


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