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Aurland Lookout was designed by Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen with the aid of; Technical Advisors, NODE an independent consulting engineering company located in the heart of Bergen. Contractor: Veidekke AS, Sogndal and Road Engineer: Asplan Viak.

The aim of the design

Design a structure that maintains the beauty and peace of the surroundings without to much interference of the natural landscape.

How this was realized

Parking areas are kept further up the road to maintain the outdoorsy feel. Construction; the bridge structure is 4 m wide, 30 long, and 9m high out at the very end. Translation, the bridge allows the participant to  go out onto the structure in the air and experience nature, the treetops and the landscape. This structure is really one of the interaction between the structure and nature, and structure and people enjoying nature.

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