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Today we are going to give a quick breakdown into one of the biggest trends, ‘modern designs’ and some simple tips on how you can achieve this look.

Tip #1

Colors from Nature

That means lot of browns, natural tones used in cabinets. Mix matching is another great choice to achieve the look. For instance, if your kitchen isn’t that big but you love dark cabinets you can have dark lower cabinets and white upper cabinets. White is an enlarging color that makes the room feel bigger and most definitely brighter.Tie the look together with your simple backsplash and countertop. This rule also applies to the floors of your home. Note all material choices should be durable and easy to maintain. So quick don’ts, do not install too many dark objects in the space remember it is a mixture.

Tip # 2

Clean lines with no fuss

Say no to over detailed cabinets with all the trim. Instead, investigate flat panel doors, frameless style cabinets, full-overlay cabinets. Also because this is really a simple sleek style the hardware should match, so look for simple beautiful hardware that does not distract. A really popular trend is the long slim handles or the no hardware design that utilizes Touch-to-Open Cabinets.

Tip #3

Stainless Steel Appliances

I know I know when you here stainless steel you think industrial, well there is a logical explanation; modern designs are meant to be efficient, effective, simple and clean. So the point here is to choose appliances that are very simple to clean and maintain. Another must have is it should be Energy Efficient, come on who does not like easy to clean and saves you money!

Tip #4

Spectacular Lighting

Forget about buying the knick-knacks that clutter your home instead select a true focal fixture that properly lights the area and is stylish and sophisticated.

Tip #5

Kitchen/Dining Area

Again it is all about making the best of your space. So forget about wasting space. Cook, entertain and dine with you family and guests in the same space and it makes cleaning a lot easier.